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3CS Invention

The Inventor G.N.Mallikarjuna Rao, Managing Director of I GET U TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. named his invention as 3CS (3-Click Senses).

Based on 3CS invention, I GET U created five innovative technologies to cater online Advertisements. These five innovative technologies cover target audience of various platforms such as Desktop Operating System users, Website Users, Social Network users and Smart Phone Users.

The first two innovative technologies out of five are Clickurl and Rapido Bytes.

Clickurl involves its users to push content through their social networking sites while Rapido Bytes uses publishers to push the content through their website by integrating its innovative widget "RaBy" that appears bottom of a website as a message box.

All the five technologies help advertisers to push their content to brand their business and pull traffic to their websites at economical cost.

3CS Invention senses and determines payable unique click of a person on a shared URL without knowing browser name, email-id and phone number. The invention helps to pass on a specific message to the person of his interested topic without using login-id, email-id and phone number.

The invention capability is derived further to determine unique impression of specific advertisement on a website this helps pubishers authentically charge advertiser on unique impression per Ad per day basis.