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3CS Invention is a thrilling invention of a process to recognize each and every individual systems. This invention makes Publishers life easy thus uplifts trust in any Advertiser in Digital Marketing world.

The following are the babies of 3CS Invention developed by I GET U TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. and invented by its Managing Director, G.N.Mallikarjuna Rao.


This is an amazing platform involves common people to pull traffic from Social Media to Advertisers content. Clickurl charges based on Unique Click.


3CS Invention is giving more scope to Rapido Bytes technology variants. Introducing Smart Page Ads (SPA) to the world and GAAWT in addition to RaBy & RaBy-H.

Rapido Bytes technologies completely works on Unique Impressions based.


The RaBy widget can be distributed among other publishers. Ads are released from Single Point. Publishers make money out of their service.


The RaBy-H is a handle to News Publishing Organizations and Entertainment massive webportals where they have their own customers to release Ads on their well reputed web portals.

This technology enables organization to generate additional income using this widget as adds more space on the portal. Elevated panel attracts customer with value added content on panel.


Any publisher can customize their own Ads in their webportal and track each Ad with Unique Impressions and Total Impression based on 3CS Invention.

The application can delight both publisher as well as Advertisers with precise track of webtraffic including geographic locations especially can find traffic from various areas of a city.


This is another stupendous technology for advertisers who give digital ads anywhere and track Unique Impressions & Total Impressions with geographical locations.

The statistics help to choose right publishers to make more publicity and also helps in business expansion and focus on those areas where traffic is more noticed.

There are other few unique platforms are planned based on 3CS Invention.