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Clickurl changing the dynamics of advertisement is one of the innovative technologies of I GET U TEHNLOGIES PVT. LTD. It is changing the dynamics of advertisement. The technology involves crowd to distribute advertised content within a circle.

According to Managing Director of the company, G.N.Mallikarjuna Rao, It is first of its kind launched in India. It is a powerful crowd marketing platform. It started spreading from Hyderabad to pan India. The interesting part is, company social responsibility is embedded within technology. There is a social impact by default.

The clickurl platform is used by the crowd for sharing current affairs and employment news with friends in their circle, in the process, if any interesting brand or service comes across they would share it with friends. The reach is phenomenal and it goes viral if a product, service and content is useful and latest to the crowd.

The platform is made for anyone who uses social networking platforms. Tension free work is under taken by bloggers of clickurl platform. It is part time and can work at any time.

This is a unique technology as there is no technology of this kind at present to compare and more over it is complimentary to existing most popular social networking technologies.

It addresses the social impact in various angles. People can submit any type of listed bills to redeem money. Clickurl collects feedback from blogger about the service provider and inreturn benefits the blogger as well as service provider to improve. The type of listed bills are like metro train or bus passes to get refund. Blogger who uses bike, are asked to submit helmet bill to get refund. This is how we encourage our bloggers to use public transport and adhere to traffic rules.

Cost of living increasing day by day, clickurl is a boon for jobseekers to survive in metro cities to look for their career jobs. We have experienced fresh graduates make money using clicurl to stay in hostels and preparing for interviews. Smart people use this wonderful platform at leisure time to meet their day to day expenses.

Management is quiet confident that the technology will be used by millions and reach of people would be phenomenal. More benefits are planned to help bloggers of clickurl such as group insurance as it is one of major concern now a days to meet expenses that are shot up for better treatments.