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One of prestigious products of I-GETU is HRCS, HR Consultancy Software. It is first of its kind, we have researched and developed a platform exclusively for staffing services to meet both domestic and international requirements. The configuration will be done on customer’s server.


Job applicants
- Registration
- Applying to job notifications
- Multiple resumes can be maintained
- Status of each application
- List of Interviews
- Applicant Dash board
- Registration
- Submitting HR requirements
- Accessing resumes submitted by consultant
- Filtering resumes into folders (Submitted, Shortlisted, Hold, Rejected)
- List of Interviews
- Update remarks against each resume if desired
- Upload Employer Company Profile
- View Consultant Profile (it can be specific to client)
- Consultant charges
- Agreement copy
- Employer Dashboard
- Approving applicants and clients
- Posting employer’s HR requirements
- Download applied resumes
- Submit screened resume to specific client and requirement
- List of Interviews
- Upload Consultant Profile (it can be specific to client
- Fill consultant charges (specific to client)
- Upload agreement copy
- Consultant Dash Board

Business Logic:

Job applicant does not know employer and employer does not know job applicant. This platform is used by above three stake holders. The platform is fully under control of consultant.

Basic Functionality:

Employer submits his requirements and consultant reviews the requirement publishes on the platform. Job applicant applies against each desired notifications, resumes will be viewed by only consultant. Consultant screens the resume and remove the contact details and incorporate consultant contact details and resubmit to employer against the requirement. Employer reviews the submitted resumes and update status. Emails will be fired for desired transaction to alert stake holders.