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I-GETU has established dedicated wing to focus on HR consultancy requirements. The wing is powered with a unique platform, by which employer, jobseeker and consultancy wing can facilitate each other to meet their requirements of filling a position at employer.

After two years research it is for the first time in the world we have introduced Smart HR Package to recruit human resources for any kind of organizations. This will change the recruitment landscape and help HR managers immensely. It is a boon for HR managers.

The idea behind the Smart HR Package is basically to reduce Organization’s recruitment expenditure drastically. This helps an organization to leverage their HR staff and work more efficiently and effectively to meet organizations goals. The Smart HR Package is a combination of Technology, Process and Service.

The Smart HR Package is an innovative thought to make HR manager in achieving their Recruitment goals by reducing cost.

The Smart HR Package is applicable to organizations of all sizes from fortune 500 to smaller companies as subscription is highly economical. Usually small and mid-range companies find it hard to use third party services for recruitment as cost is a burden and this might lead to hiring less than desirable talent.

Though technology and resources in the HR field are advancing the difference in hiring right always comes down to the process and cost effectiveness.

The main advantages of the Smart HR Package by I-GETU are the employer will not be required to purchase a database access and allocate resource to search databases or process hundreds of resumes applied or maintain multiple HR executives and they do not have to be in any agreements. It is purely a subscription based professional service starting from Rs.15,000/- with an assured Return on Investment (ROI), just subscribe monthly or periodically and get unlimited screened resumes with HR required details against any number of requirements.

There are interesting value additions such as preliminary round of interviews done by I-GETU to make employer to spare their valuable time, only on exactly matching profiles to meet employer’s requirements and resumes segregation (i.e. accepted, hold, rejected) & tracking with using online platform

Say good bye to conventional and switch to Smart HR Package. For more details write to sales[at]